it is an alternative project, where I try to use the imagination and creativity of artist and painter, without limits and putting it into practice in various contexts such as fashion, design, graphics, painting, music, video, web, photography, motion graphics, tattoos and much more.

I’m Vito De Tullio, a.k.a. Vix Black, class 87, born in Bari, based in Milan.

Graphic Visual Designer, with a limitless love for arts, I can’t limit my person to just one type of art, so I always try to play and experiment any technique, currents that can help me improve my style and vision of art itself.

With Just Not Grafik, I want to offer an alternative artistic vision to the usual graphic routine, a vitamin alternative to the client’s image and visual.

“God really is not another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. It has no real style: it does nothing but try different things “

(Pablo Picasso)